Device Authority Alignment to GSMA Guidelines for IoT Security Endpoint Ecosystem

The GSM Association recently published an IoT Security Guideline document for promoting best practice for the secure design, development and deployment of IoT services, and providing a mechanism to evaluate security measures. The GSMA IoT Security Guidelines and IoT Security Assessment help create a secure IoT market with trusted, reliable services that can scale as the market grows.

This document is targeted at customers, partners and potential prospects of Device Authority on how our solutions aligns to those security guidelines and the specific areas where our solutions would address and adhere to GSMA recommended best practices for IoT end point device security.

This document can also aid those organizations in completing a GSMA Security Assessment. This will allow them to demonstrate the security measures they have taken to protect their products, services and components from cybersecurity risks. Please find the full GSMA IoT Security Assessment process on the GSMA website:

The GSMA guideline document includes 85 detailed recommendations for the secure design, development and deployment of IoT services and covers networks as well as service and endpoint ecosystems. It addresses security challenges, attack models and risk assessments. The areas where Device Authority solutions specifically align are in the following five sections:

1. The Security Model

2. Frequently Asked Questions

3. Critical Recommendations

4. High Priority Recommendations

5. Medium Priority Recommendations

This document describes the solution and technology that Device Authority can provide to organizations to help them adhere to some of the GSMA guidelines and address the specific security risks in their IoT service deployments.