KSaaS (1)

KeyScaler as a Service (KSaaS) delivers unrivalled robust security and access management solutions for enterprises and the IoT ecosystem, without the infrastructure or running costs associated with on-premise environments. Designed for a variety of IoT service providers and manufacturers who want an easier way to offer their customers the best security for IoT devices, KSaaS is interfaced through APIs making it quicker to integrate with KeyScaler functionality.

Download our webinar from July 10th to gain more knowledge on the key features and benefits that KSaaS provides.

  • Registration Controls
  • Automated Certificate Management
  • End-to-End Data Security
  • Automated Password Management
  • Secure Soft Storage
  • Connectors for Microsoft Azure IoT and AWS IoT
  • Extensions for PTC's ThingWorx platform
  • Self service portal for enrolling customers
  • Multi-tenant model
  • Integrated billing
  • Integrated Public CA support