June 13th at 16:00 BST, 8:00 PDT, 11:00 EDT

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a massive business opportunity across almost every industry. But to realize that opportunity, enterprise IoT security must become a primary focus. IoT brings new security challenges introduced by the scale and pace of adoption, as well as the physical consequences of compromised security.

Until now, security has been treated as an afterthought; by adding layers of security after devices are delivered, with infrastructure and applications already in place. But security for the IoT is too important to be treated as an afterthought. IoT’s unique characteristics are also forcing a fundamental rethink about how Enterprises need to implement security management for devices and data.

Join Oscar Marcia, eonTi and Device Authority for this interactive webinar to discuss:

  • Trust infrastructure with PKI
    • “Secure by design and from the beginning” for IoT
    • Foundation for Trust, role of PKI in IoT to solve security problems
  • How  safety issues and regulations are bringing liability across the ecosystem and forcing the Cyber security to be delivered the right way
  • Think about the GDPR and the ePrivacy Regulation: IoT use cases are always about data. How do you implement End-to-End data security and meet compliance?
  • IoT Scale - We know that PKI can solve device identity, authentication, integrity, and privacy problems. How do we operationalize it at IoT Scale?
  • Why Eonti and Device Authority?
  • What’s the value proposition for customers and partners
  • Q&A