Device Authority's Unique KeyScaler™ Technology Provides Complementary Value to Your Hardware Solutions

In today’s ‘always on’ connected world enterprise customers are faced with demands of deploying more IoT devices to drive more data analytics, while at the same time trying to manage the ‘how’ of managing both the deployment and their own security posture. Some device manufacturers may offer a device password as a security function, others may provide a security certificate function, but what customers need is a way to easily automate the process at scale while enforcing their security policy posture. Building Device Authority’s KeyScaler device-centric IoT Identity and Access Management software platform into an IoT device provides customers automated device provisioning, credentialing, and end-to-end data payload encryption all under the control of the customer security policy requirements. By removing the friction from IoT device deployment more devices can be securely provisioned greatly increasing the time to value for customer IoT strategies.

  • Creates an improved security posture for your customers
  • Easy to enable and unlock the KeyScaler Platform functionality to your channel partners and their customers
  • Differentiates your solution from your competitors
  • Enables you to establish a root of trust that can be passed through the supply chain to partners and customers

KeyScaler delivers Secure Device Provisioning and Management at IoT scale

  • Dynamic trust anchor
  • Policy-based enrolment
  • Customer security domain 

KeyScaler helps your customers and partners to deliver:

  • Device anti-cloning, anti-tampering (automated integrity checks)
  • Secure SW/FW updates
  • IoT Gateway to support IoT use cases
  • Owner controlled security
  • Automated Admin password management

Please contact Device Authority on how you can solve the IoT security challenges for your customers, improve the security of IoT technology and service offering and generate additional revenues.