Device Authority has introduced a flexible device interface protocol that interoperates with our KeyScaler platform for delivering automated PKI for IoT devices.

With two alternatives for device authentication, which one is best for your IoT device, application or service?

PKI Signature+ Device Authority Agent with Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG)

Ideal for:

  • Embedded devices
  • Resource constrained devices
  • Microcontroller based devices with flash/firmware
  • Any IoT device that needs to make their own KeyScaler calls for security operations 


  • Agent-less
  • No custom agent
  • Small executable footprint
  • Developer-independent implementation enabling broader device support
  • Lightweight communication

Ideal for:

  • Linux based devices
  • Microprocessor based devices
  • IoT gateways
  • Devices with larger memory capacity (1MB+)
  • e.g. Surveillance cameras with 10MB+ of read-writable persistent storage


  • Turnkey client-side solution
  • Session-unique keys for authentication and derived crypto
  • Owner controlled security
  • Secure soft storage solution for devices without trusted storage for PKI credentials
  • Can be used with or without TPM or Secure Element


We would like to speak with you in more detail to discover the best authentication method for your IoT requirements.

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