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"Doctor, Will I Need Surgery?” Ensuring Telemedicine is Delivered to You Safely and Securely

Telemedicine meets IoT One of the significant benefits of telemedicine is immediate remote access to medication in life-threatening situations. Pacemakers that doctors can remotely monitor and ...
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Establishing Trust in the Digital World: Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2019

Gartner defines “strategic” as those technologies that will have significant disruptive potential over the next 5 years. After reading Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends, a big takeaway for ...
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Another IoT botnet Torii exploits weak credentials – don’t let your organization be a victim

Mirai, the first IoT botnet which was discovered in 2016 took down popular websites and services including Twitter, Airbnb and Netflix. Since then we were introduced to more advanced versions of ...
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iot security, law, iot regulations, government

California Steps Up for IoT Device and Data Security

Concern over vulnerabilities in IoT products and services has become a top of mind issue with policymakers. From serious internet attacks such as the Mirai botnet cyberattack which took down major ...
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iot security, iot platforms, automation

3 Things to Consider for IoT Platforms: IoT Security, Automation and Scale

The Internet of Things (IoT) is pushing full steam ahead through 2018, and it is already understood that the IoT is transforming businesses through Smart innovation and operational efficiencies, ...
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Why choose Device Authority’s new IoT Security cloud service – aka KeyScaler as a Service (KSaaS)?

For small and medium sized enterprises, cloud-based software infrastructure delivered via SaaS model can provide a great cost-effective alternative to delivering effective security services to your ...
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IoT, iot security, blockchain, RSA

Is the #RSA security bubble bursting?

Is the #RSA security bubble bursting?
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DDOS, iot security, automated password management, UK government

Secure by Design: Security Products vs Secure Products in IoT

Back in April 2017, Device Authority’s CTO Rao Cherukuri wrote a blog titled “IoT Security is too critical to be an optional extra – Security by design, from the beginning” – detailing key ...
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device identity, iot security, blockchain

Device Authority makes Blockchain IoT ready

The importance of protecting Identity, Integrity and Data security policies of participating IoT nodes in the Blockchain network  A blockchain network is only as secure as its infrastructure  
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iot security, botnet, malware, iot devices

Okiru puts Billions of IoT devices at risk – How to ensure IoT devices do not fall victim

As predicted, botnet enabled malware attacks continue. The latest discovered is Okiru (meaning Wake Up in Japanese).  Okiru has the potential to reach BILLIONS of Internet of Things (IoT) devices due ...
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