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tokenization, iot platforms, device authentication

Tokenization for IoT Platforms, AEPs and Applications: A different approach for device authentication and authorization

Today, product manufacturers have a tough decision on what to build into their IoT products and how to make them stand out. Security is often seen as a “nice to have” feature but is increasingly ...
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Security, IoT, authentication, pki, device identity

How PKI has evolved to solve the IoT security issue

We all know that the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT) brings with it some significant security challenges. How can a vastly proliferating ecosystem of connected devices, many of them too small ...
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Security, encryption, IoT, authentication, Devices, Cameras, pki

IoT Security needs a customer-centric approach: 7 challenges and their solutions

Security is typically left as an oversight for many products today, simply because it is deemed too difficult to do and to facilitate effectively at scale. Security for many products is poorly ...
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Security, IoT, DDOS, Cameras

IoT Security for Connected Surveillance Cameras

The IoT is expanding at a rapid rate and is expected to grow over the coming years at a pace which makes previous technology adoptions look insignificant. Predictions are that by 2020 there will be ...
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