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Security, encryption, IoT, authentication

Over-The-Air Updates: Fixing software vulnerabilities is a vulnerability

As the world welcomes the new wave of IoT devices in through our WIFI-connected front doors and into our everyday lives, more and more companies are releasing ‘smart’ internet-enabled versions of ...
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IoT, fog computing

Security: What the fog?

Cloud computing, responsible for enabling a dramatic growth in internet-connected services over the last 15 years, is entering a new phase. ‘Fog computing’ – a vision first properly outlined by Cisco ...
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Data Security & the Internet of Things - Square Peg, Round Hole?

Existing Data Security solutions, specifically encryption services, have largely evolved to service the demand generated by secure human interaction with digital information. With this I mean the ...
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Choosing the right encryption software

Information and people are two of your business’s greatest assets. And they’re inextricably linked. People generate information and transmit it to each other. People, too, can unfortunately be one of ...
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Data, IoT

IoT security: getting it right first time

Computer viruses and worms. It might not be one of the most well-known branches of history but it’s certainly a rich one. Consider the transition from John von Neumann’s article on the ‘Theory of ...
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