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iot security, trust, digital transformation

Establishing Trust in the Digital World: Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2019

Gartner defines “strategic” as those technologies that will have significant disruptive potential over the next 5 years. After reading Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends, a big takeaway for ...
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IoT, iot security, blockchain, RSA

Is the #RSA security bubble bursting?

Is the #RSA security bubble bursting?
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iot security, medical iot, industrial iot

CEO Corner: What will happen in 2018 for IoT?

It’s the start of a new year, and while everyone has reflected on 2017, emphasis is on making an even bigger impact in 2018 for the whole IoT ecosystem: IoT platforms, certificate authorities, device ...
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encryption, IoT, DDOS, iot security, botnet, Persirai, Mirai, automated password management

First Mirai, now Persirai – how do you protect IoT devices from botnets?

Back in October 2016 we experienced the Mirai botnet malware, which had its fair share of press coverage after taking down popular websites and services including Twitter, Airbnb and Netflix. Mirai ...
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Security, IoT, strategy, boardroom

IoT security: a boardroom concern

Is cyber security an IT issue? Well – yes and no. Sure, the technical understanding of what needs to be done, how and why will always ultimately lie with a technology specialist, but the strategic ...
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Security, IoT, authentication, Identity, IAM

Top 4 takeaways from IoT World Conference

Device Authority visited the IoT World conference in Santa Clara last week, which brings together hundreds of companies and leaders in the IoT space. As a team, we had a number of meetings with ...
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Security, IoT, Devices, Identity, Integrity, IAM

Device Identity and Integrity are the new perimeter for the IoT

In our earlier blog, we discussed the reasons why IoT Security needs a customer centric approach. This blog will follow on and explore the importance of having a strong device identity and integrity, ...
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Security, encryption, IoT

IT and OT in the Internet of Things

Information, and operations. In the past, these were seen as two distinct and discrete elements of organisations’ technology – IT, and OT.
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Security, IoT, Industrial Internet, Smart Summit London, Smart Cities

5 takeaways from #SmartSummitLondon

Last week we sponsored Smart Summit London. On our stand we discussed the future of Smart Cities and Industrial Internet with industry visionaries speaking at the event, customers implementing ...
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IoT, Devices

Counting Authenticated Devices

One of the unique aspects of Device Authority’s patented capabilities is the ability to provide secure valuable data analytics, which we call Counting Authenticated Devices. In a nutshell, our ...
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