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The core of Blockchain is to provide immutable trust to transactions with a distributed ledger concept that is not under any one-party control.

The entire trust model is built on Cryptographic hashes.

Blockchain doesn’t have a security model to protect the private keys of the participants.

If someone owns $1M worth bitcoins, he/she will lose the entire money if the private key associated with the wallet is lost.

Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide a root of trust and protect private keys. Before enterprises use Blockchain, they need a HSM equivalent at the nodes to protect their private keys. KeyScaler Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) can play an important role here as well.


Blockchain gives you the key at the door to get in.

But how does it know you should have the key and are trusted? i.e. You are who you say you are?

Especially if you are an IoT device.


Enterprise Blockchain implementations need Identity and Access policies.

Enterprises who have an existing investment in Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) can leverage them as a root of trust to connect to KeyScaler to manage their Blockchain Identity and IoT security.

Device Authority's KeyScaler currently supports Thales - with easy integration to other HSMs because KeyScaler already supports PKCS #11 (an RSA development), that is the standard for HSM interface/interactions.


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